Thursday, March 12, 2009

Hello hello

It's Spring Break for me so I have time to piddle around the internet again. :)

I've been knitting a bit, working on the Hemlock Ring Blanket. It's pretty, but can be a total pain in the arse if you aren't paying attention. Darn that lace!

I can't wait for it to be finished. Granted it will be late spring/early summer so it won't be getting a ton of use! But I will enjoy looking at it.

Various news to share:

  • I've returned to school. It's only for 2 classes this semester, but there is a grand plan in the works. I am going for my Clinical Lab Science B.S. in Cytology
  • I have 2 newly minted babies in the family! Keira, my niece and Sean a cousin. Boy and girl, so pink and blue on the horizon.
  • I'm a Twitter girl now. KnittyLynn. Feel free to follow and share if you Tweet too!
On to more knits!
Here are Keira's booties. I still need to put buttons on them and seam the one on the right. It also looks a tad smaller because I didn't stuff it as much. This is a great pattern. One of the few I've been willing to pay for! It's Merry Janes by Bekah Knits.

Seriously cute stuff. I knit it with Sport Shine from Knitpicks. I'm happy with the yarn, as I'd never knit it with it before.

Then my Bird in the Hand mittens. Well this picture is of one almost finished, as of now they are complete and off the needles. I just liked this picture. I was futzing around with a home made light box. I like it, just need a bigger box and stronger light.

There are a few more knits, but I'll keep them to give me something to blog about later!

Hope everyone is doing well and has survived their winter...or surviving, since here in Wisconsin it refuses to DIE! :)

Though I haven't been posting I have been keeping up with you! :)