Friday, September 26, 2008

How does this work again....

Ok, dust off the keyboard and see if Blogger remembers me...

Aha! This this IS on. :)

I'm back from the confusion that is my life. Kids are back in school and we adopted two dogs. They are adorable Bischon Frises that were a part of a Puppy Haven a puppy mill the Wisconsin Humane Society bought. (read more on that here). They are named Zoey (2 years old) and Snowflake (3 years old). We've had them for 2 weeks and they are adjusting. It's slow going, but they are better every day.(Zoey and Snowflake)
I've missed having dogs for so long. I've never had any as an adult because I never felt the time was right. Well now both my kids are old enough and we actually have a backyard, so we took the plunge. I'm in love, they are both so sweet! Shy but sweet. You just have to have a soft voice and not move too fast. They don't know how to play really..and I'm trying to work on that.

Ok knitting! There has been mass amounts of knitting, even if there weren't blog posts to prove it. :)

This is my Sophie Bag. I made it in 3 colors of Cascade 220. It's the perfect size for a sock projects. :)

Socks for Val

Things are NEVER too pink! At least for a four year old. :)

I have other things to share as well, but the Hubby needs to work on our server, so consider this a teaser. ;)

I may not have been posting but I have been reading!