Thursday, May 22, 2008

Nope, didn't fall into a hole..

I fell into 'life' as it were. My mom came to visit us for a week and my eldest turned 8 *gasp*. We had a couple of parties, her choice was a letterboxing one with her girlfriends. It was really fun. We made passports, stamps, trail mix, decorated visors and waterbottles. Then my amazing DH took 6 little girls to find a local letterbox. They had a blast. I forsee many other trips this summer!

Knitting has been happening. I've finished a few more washrags and have been working on the next SKP2008 pair of socks. They are really fun. One of the more 'difficult' lace patterns I've done. It is NOT one you can memorize plus every row has a different stitch count. Keeps you on the your toes!

I have been having knitting 'mojo' problems...well maybe not mojo but rather obligation knitting issues. Ugh. My least favorite thing in the entire world. I talked about my brown bag object for my guild..but to heck if I can find the post. It's where we exchange odd balls of yarn and knit something for the person out of their yarn. Well mine was freaking Jawoll sock yarn. As if I can knit a pair of socks for someone without knowing who they I opted to make mitts. It's very slow going. A veritable slog. I haven't even managed to finish one. It's a nightmare. I can't stand to hold the SQUEAKS. So I think i'm going to frog the one I started and knit up a whole bunch of mini sweaters and mini socks. At least it won't be mind numbing 1x1 rib.

Now I just need to get some picts up! Spring has finally arrived in Wisconsin. It was a whopping 58 today! Yay! I'd say 95% of the leaves are finally out and there's hope of warmth around the corner.

Hope is going well with everyone. I've been quiet but still lurking the blogs. ;)