Tuesday, June 3, 2008


*tap tap*
Is this thing on?
I'm going to pretend it is. Boy life has been interesting. I'm not a huge poster of all things personal, for a couple of reasons. No one really cares what my little girl ate for dinner..now if she shoves a carrot up her nose, I'll be sure to get a blog worthy photo and share THAT. And this is mainly my knitting life and it's odd to shoot too much information out there on the net. Once it's out there, it's out there.. And on that note, here's my TMI for the year ;)

I had a breast reduction last Wednesday. It was uncomfortable but I'm so glad I went through with it. Buxom women run in my family and my mother regrets never having it done. I nursed my 2 daughters and if gravity doesn't wreck things, nursing sure will. I'm currently overweight, but being so fluffy on top makes working out a challenge..hell fitting into a sports bra is an extreme challenge. I usually wear two layers. I've was a D my senior year in HS when I was a mere 130 lbs (I'm 5'7") I've battled with this issue for many years.

I've been stressed about it, really who doesn't stress somewhat about surgery? Tomorrow I go get the bandages off and will finally get to see the results, though I do know my surgeon removed a little over 4 lbs total.

As a result of the stress involved, I've kept churning out dish rags. I found some really interesting patterns out on the net. I thought I had pictures but they are still on the camera and it IS 2:30 am, so I'll post them soon.

But I want to keep you entertained a bit, so here are 2 pictures I took recently.

This is our hamster Fluffy. She is adorable and very good with my girls.

These are the grape hyacinths I had in my garden this spring. They have such vibrant color..oh and everyone needs a garden gnome.. :)