Wednesday, May 13, 2009

And so it goes...

Classes are done. Managed to get an AB (WTF grade IS that? It's 90%) in my Excel class and a B in my Pathophysiology Class. Yay.

Summer school starts June 2nd. Boo. ;) I'm taking BioEthics so I'm sure there will be reading and, gag, papers. But for now knitting!

With various new babes in the family, hats are a must.


Nice blurry picture of one such hat. I had fun making the Pom Pom though!

Another of the same pattern in a different yarn, sans pom pom.
I added a crochet edging in an attempt to make it larger. Stopped knitting it a bit short. Funny about the color variation in each picture. The bottom shot is more true.

I managed to get a pair of socks done as well. This is from the Rockin Socks Club last year. The Yarn Harlot designed the pattern.

Gothic Socks

Love the colorway.

I knit V a sweater and am knitting the same pattern for my older girl in a variety of blues.

All done

This is a clever knit, the Pinwheel Sweater. Easy to do, but interesting enough to keep you awake!


I have two projects that are actively being knit. I think I have a total of 5 on the needles. Anyway, both girls are getting one of these Twirly Skirts. This is A's colorway, figured I should do the skirt before her sweater considering it's May!

Sherbet Skirt

It will be finished off with a row that is a denim-like blue. Should be very cute. The younger's will be done in a different color story, and will be FASTER since her's is a size 6 not a size 10!

And what's life without a sock or two..on the needles? I had this Hickory colorway marinating in my stash for a bit. It's from ArtsyGal. As soon as I saw the colors I knew what it had to be. Nutkin. Easy to memorize and fun to knit pattern. Score!


These will be perfect for Fall..even though it should be AGES away!!!

Hope you are enjoying the warming trend and you are getting tons done. :)