Thursday, December 31, 2009

Looking back..

Wow, I was strolling through my old posts, looking for a colorway of yarn I had used, and realized just how much cool stuff is in my blog. Granted no one else really thinks it's 'cool', but it is such an amazing journal for my knitting.

So what better day to put up a new post than the last day of the year! :)

Currently I have a pair of Slippery Socks from Knitty on the needles in BMFA lightweight Grimm's Fairy Tale. One is finished and I'm going to cast on the second whenIt's a fun pattern, and I've finally learned to cable without a needle. It's relatively easy to do on the socks since they are really only 1x1 cables. Not sure how it would work on say.. 3x3 in a sweater, but it's a skill I'm glad to have. I'm trying to finish them up before heading back to school on Jan 19th. My next pair will be easier. I might even do another pair of monkeys. They are so easy and so wonderful!

Another thing that 'reminded' me of my blog was this:

Ah, clean hand knit socks! I wanted to share this with someone so I thought of you, dear blog! Not that I remotely imagine anyone reads you anymore, but there you are for posterity's sake!