Thursday, July 19, 2007

Back..but sad..

What's one of the worst things for a knit blogger?

To have a freakin FO and no CAMERA.

Yes, my camera is either at the St. Louis Zoo without me, enjoying the Herpaterium ...or kickin it at the St. Louis Best Western.


Luckily I did download pictures when I got to my mom's house, so I have a handful of pictures from the actual trip.

And of course this trip cost far more than I am not sure what I'm going to do for awhile. But trust me the Solstice Slip Stitch Socks are lovely and I'm almost done with my 1st Monkey in sherbet. OMG it was all I had hoped it would be. The colors are amazing..and unfortunately you are all just going to have to take my word on it...for now.

It will be so nice to sleep in my own bed without my 3 year old. Whew. 2 weeks of being kicked and hit all night long make for a sleepy mommy!

Can't wait to catch up on all the blogs and email. I was able to surf a few times while away but not able to send out email. :)