Saturday, July 28, 2007


I finished the Sherbet Monkeys and can't wait to show them off. As the DH says, 'They are obnoxious.' Just what every girl needs for Jan in Wisconsin!

So what next?

Well the Eunny Enterlac Socks. Got out the Lorna's Laces, swatched IN THE ROUND folks for 3 inches. It came out fine, around 8 st per in and 11 rounds.

Cast on with the Middle Eastern Cast On. A new one for me, and very odd but managed to do it and it looked good. Kept going with the pattern and realized there was no WAY in hell these socks would fit me. They might fit my 7 year old..but to hell if I was going to spend this much time on socks for her! Ugh.


Figure, Ok..move on. Dig around for a pattern, surf Ravelry to see what others have done with Lorna's Laces. Just did Monkey, don't want to do anything lacey...and finally settle on a pattern from the Interweave book 25 Favorite Socks, Go with the Flow.

Cast on, knit and hate it. Just not feeling it and think it's too tight as well. It's a cast on of 60 and I normally cast on 64 at least on 1's and Lorna's is finer than STR Lightweight.

Frog. Mutter.

Take a breath and dig through both stash and patterns. Settle on doing a hat out of Socks and Caps Two of the Vogue on the Go Series. Picked a skein of Blue Sky Cotton. Swatch. Gauge good.

Cast On.

Knit and curse when I realize the damn thing would be huge on ME and it's for my 3 year old.


Throw needles. Ok I didn't, but I REALLY wanted to.

I can't justify buying any yarn right now. I'm going to Stitches in 2 weeks for goodness sake! That's where I need to spend my money. I will buy 2 skeins of the Koigu to do the Eunny socks which is what she used. Hopefully that will solve that problem.

Ya I could knit a hat for charity or something, but I believe my knitting Mojo has left the building. Good thing I don't have a camera, since I have NOTHING to take photos of (well the FO Monkeys) except a pile of various yarn and needles but no knitting.