Wednesday, July 4, 2007

A trip, another sock and a tumor...

Well we are getting ready for the haul to Texas. All the laundry is pretty much done, the lists made and now panic is starting to set in. WTF was I thinking? Driving 1200 miles by myself with my 2 girls (age 7 and 3)????

Deep breath.

That's a long way. I haven't really decided on 2 days or 3. It's going to be one of those things that we figure out on the way.

The Solstice Slip continues. I've finished the 1st and turned the heel on the 2nd. I can FEEL the Monkeys in Sherbet coming. Wohoo. I swear that's the only reason I'm so driven with these socks. I like the pattern, but I'm dying to get into that Sherbet skein.

Finally on to the tumor. Yep, I've got one in my wrist. And there's really nothing to be done about it. How cool is that? The doctor said it is a hemangioma on my radial nerve. So it's a bump on the sheath of my nerve. 95% of them are benign. They would have to do carpal tunnel surgery to remove it but since it is on the nerve itself, there would be a loss of feeling. As of right now, I have no loss of feeling, so no surgery. I get to live with it. If it gets worse, then we'll look at the surgery.

Very odd that.

So think of me tomorrow around 5 am as I pack my minivan and careen down the Interstates of America!!!