Thursday, August 2, 2007

An FO!

Yes, another FO I can't show you yet. :) I do 'crafty sewing', as in I have a sewing machine, have had a sewing machine..since I was 18 or something. No one I knew sewed, so I just winged it. Needless to say this has created some odd items. I taught myself to follow patterns and sewed the bedding for my 2 babies, a handful of Halloween costumes and more curtains than you could shake a stick at. But that's all. I enjoy sewing, but am not good at it or rather patient enough for it. Meticulous has never been a word applied to me.

I have some gorgeous fabric left over from my 2nd kids bedding..think Laura Ashely with huge cabbage roses on a butter cream background. I have 2 coordinating fabrics to go with it and well, the other day I couldn't find my damn #2 DPNs. (Ends up they were in my very cold WIP, Norwegian gloves.)

After digging through and ultimately cleaning out, my closet, so all was not lost, I decided to sew myself a DPN holder. It's adorable and works pretty well. I need to figure out exactly how I'm going to keep it closed..ribbon ..maybe an elastic with a button.. Inspiration has yet to hit me on that part. It's about 2 feet long, the pockets/needle channels are 6 inches deep and when it's folder over the DPNs, keeping them secure, it's around 10 inches wide.

So Yay me. :)

I've started a yummy cable sock from Sensational Socks with my Socks That Rock Lover's Leap. I started on 2s (yes that's why I was hunting them down.) but it was too loose. I ripped out around 3 inches, back to nothing. It really doesn't distress me anymore if I have to do that. I think that kinda shows how far you are in a craft/hobby/obsession. If you are willing to admit you've F'd it up and go back to do it right, then you're getting somewhere.

The sock has been restarted on 1s, but I'm taking a bit of a break. Why you ask? There has been Perfect Sweater knitting going on over here! Booooyah! Both sleeves are to the point of decreasing for the caps. I've been working on it for 4 nights or so and my wrists ache to prove it. There's something about knitting on 7s with Cascade 220 that just wears my wrists right out. Socks really don't weight much, do they? Plus I have both the sleeves on one long circ so there is a bit of bulk/weight involved. Thank goodness I'm taking a Finishing Class at Stitches.

Stitches!!! Yay!! Tapas Yay!! Girlfriend Trips!! YAyayaya!
I'm going to be so content but exhausted when we get back home!

I'm trying to mentally prepare for Stitches. You have to go in with a game plan to these types of things!! (sorry for the excess !!!! but damn I'm excited.) I went last year but didn't have any of my close friends with me, nor did I take classes. I took a chartered bus with my local knitting guild, so at least I was with other knitters. The drive back was fun to show off all your goodies.

The Dream List 07 so far is:

Socks That Rock, Collinette Jitterbug, Cider Moon, Cherry Tree Hill, Koigu and just about any other sock yarn I see. I figure by keeping to Sock yarn I can get the largest variety of goodies to take home.

And I don't have to drive! Whoot! More knitting time. :D

Hope all is going well with everyone.