Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Another Monkey and My Tools

I've started another pair of Monkeys. This pair is for my Mom and is made from Trekking XXL on 1's. I was at loose ends for a sock project and nothing was working out for my mediumweight STR, so I cast on these from memory. It's such a soothing, easy pattern. I love it.

Since I don't have a ton of knitting to show off, I figured I'd show you my knitting tools. This is the bag I keep them in. It was actually special ordered at GenCon, for you ultimate geeks, to hold my gaming dice. Well gaming has gone by the wayside, but it's perfect for my tools. I know there are also jewelry bags made in this same design.

I love it because it opens almost flat. It makes it very easy to find what I'm looking for and since it's quite big I can stash a ton in it. The material is soft and the whole thing can be shoved in a bag easily and won't snag any knitting.

Here all my tools of the trade; small notebook, 2 colors of post-its, measuring tape, Knit-Chek, mechanical pencil, orange pen, black pen, pink highlighter, major sharp Fiskar scissors, point protectors, various size types of stitch markers, row counter, 3 crochet hooks, 2 cable needles and a pattern marker.

What tools do you carry with your knitting? Do you have a favorite little trick, like hairbands for stitch markers? Are you a sucker for beaded stitch markers? I'd love to see and hear about your goodies!