Friday, September 21, 2007


After walking my daughter to school, I came home to this.

*Edited to add - I think it is an araneus.diadematus, an orb garden spider. I'm completely grossed out and can't search the web anymore to get an exact match. As is, I'm going to have some serious nightmares. BUT last time we looked she (females are larger, so I'm calling her she) had at LEAST 10 skeeters in her web.

*edited AGAIN to add this. I still can't believe I got close enough for this one.

He's freaking HUGE. My youngest said, 'Have daddy squish it when he gets home!' I shuddered to myself and then said, 'Honey he's outside and that's where he lives. If he were inside, TOTALLY different story.'
Would I like him to move on?
You bet.
But do you remember this picture?

The damn skeeters are still around and these pictures come from the exact same the spider stays for now.
I just hope he stays in view...I think I'll be more nervous when I can't see him.