Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Yep I'm slacker and slapping! Wisconsin had a serious boute of rain over the past few weeks. The weather was wet, but at least cooler than normal, but we are seriously paying for it now.

Those dots? Right outside my front door?? SKEETERS' Almost forty of the fuckers. My poor kids and I are chewed to bits. My oldest has 5 bites on her face! It's just insane. There are over 4 hundred down the side of our house where there was standing water. But how do you NOT have standing water when there's rain for weeks? Ugh.

I'm so ready for our first freeze! Kill them all! ARRG!

Other than chasing the suckers that got in the house, and painting said house all weekend, I haven't been up to a ton of knitting. My hands are sore from painting trim. It messes with my hands everytime. I live off of Ibuprofin for a few days. Our attic addition is actually moving along. I hope to have the girls ensconced there by first snow.

My neighbors just came home today with their newborn baby girl. I don't know any of the particulars since I haven't visited yet. My oldest is dying to go and see the baby, but I was trying to explain that your first baby is such an adjustment. :) I've already knit up a hat for her and am working on a knit ball as well. I should be able to keep Abby back for a few days at least!

I hope you are all knitting like mad. I seem to be constantly casting on for various things only to rip and try something else. Nothing has caught my fancy, so I work on baby knitting and my mom's monkeys. :)