Tuesday, February 19, 2008

When things go bad...

Bad things really do come in groups, don't they?

I have tendinitis in my hands. At least I'm pretty sure it's not carpal, the symptoms lean more towards the tendinitis.. Anyway! Both of my wrists have flared up. I've been doing a bunch of knitting at a small gauge, plus I've been working on my Cross-stitch. So poof.. I'm down for the count. Fingers prickling, hands swollen every time I wake up. Blah.

I put myself on a craft hiatus from last Thursday until yesterday. I let myself cross stitch a bit, but no knitting as of yet. Which sucks because Saturday was my birthday (yay I'm old) and I have an awesome group of girlfriends. I have a gorgeous hank of Mist Alpaca HANDPAINTED Chunky. It's just calling to me. It's in the Delphinium colorway. Here would be a picture of said goodness but remember? Bad things happen in groups..

My wireless curled over and died in my laptop. :P So we had to pack it up and ship it to HP since it was under warranty still (the silver lining I suppose). I'm happy to have my own IT department (DH) and they got me up and running on one of our older desktops. They even ran ethernet into the spare room so I don't have to freeze my toosh off in the basement. But it doesn't have any of my graphics crap on it, so no pictures.

So no knitting/crafting, limiting my typing/surfing online to help the wrist and the fact I don't have my laptop..not much to blog about!

I will have photos up of my birthday goodness soon. OH! And I ordered a set of KnitPicks Options. I can't WAIT to get them. :) That's when I'm going to let myself knit again. My Malabrigo laceweight is sooooo calling to me. I've caked it up and it sits by my chair, calling to me. :)

Hope everyone in the 'heartland' is staying warm. I am beyond sick of winter. I'm no longer mad at the season, just resigned and sad. Ugh 13 degree high today, and 12 for tomorrow and 15 on Thursday. This is ridiculous! Most of the local cities are out of salt. Yes I said OUT of salt. The roads are a rink. :P