Friday, January 8, 2010


On one of the blogs I follow ( she had decided to tackle her house this year, one room per month. There are a few other bloggers who are joining her. (Room a Month) I would love to actively participate, but know that I really can't commit to the project while I'm in school. I do plan on following along with her and other participants while doing my own thing in Chez le K's.

Time and money are the issues, (we'll just ignore the fact that I don't HAVE 12 rooms) instead I'll clean one room intensely per month, and tackle projects that are incomplete in that room. Unfortunately in my house that means paint trim. I swear there is a special room in hell for me with endless trim to be painted and painted and painted....

This month is the kitchen/dinette area. Here are pictures of areas. I painted it this past August and love the colors. Before the entire area was a cold baby blue. *shudder* Just horrible during cold dreary Wisconsin winters! The dinette color is best shown in the last photo of it (orange), that also has the best representation of the red accent wall. The kitchen is a color called Bagel and it's not as yellowy as the first picture, so even though the second is dark, it's the closest to the actual color.





List of To Dos:
  • Finish painting trim of all windows. Just the panes really...the worst part
  • Figure out how to paint the light fixture
  • Price bamboo shades
  • Purchase 3 more seat cushions
  • Hang shelves and various wall decorations
  • Have hubby fix holes in dinette walls and repaint
  • Clean oven (uck)
  • Talk to hubby about possibly replacing kitchen faucet since current one leaks



Whew. I'll have to look at the budget to see what can realistically be purchased. Poor poor little budget has been bludgeoned these last 2 months, between Christmas and Val's January birthday!

On the knitting front, I finished the socks for Ab's and need to snap some pictures of them. Now I am getting ready to cast on a pair for Val.