Friday, January 15, 2010


Well my Christmas/Winter break is official over after today. I return to school Tuesday but the girls are home on Monday, so that doesn't count! I'm taking Intro to Forensics, which I am ridiculously excited about, Intro to the New Testament, which promises to be interesting, and a class on how to write Bio papers. Not so fun, but necessary to graduate, which I'm hoping to do in Spring 2011, with a BS in Bio. Still don't know what I want to be when I grow up..but who really does, right?

On the knitting front, I stalled out on the socks for Val when I realized that I wouldn't have enough yarn to knit the second one. What's a girl to do, but order more right? And well, who wants to pay shipping on just ONE little ole hank of yarn, when you could get more for the same s/h price. It appears two hanks of Shi bui fell into my cart. I love that yarn! I bought a variegated and a cream, with the idea of doing a stranded sock pattern.

I have yarn pulled aside to make Val a beret. It's just some random left over 220 from various projects. Should be quick and easy, just need to get off my duff and dig out the needles.

The dinette and kitchen work goes on. Hubby filled the holes in the wall that were bugging the crud out of me, just need to be sanded and painted. I worked on the floors and waxed them. Found out that my stupid windows are a stupid irregular size, so I can't find any inexpensive bamboo rolling shades that will fit. I'd have to custom order, which defeats the purpose really. The trim is still not painted and I'm really trying to boost myself in that direction, but failing miserably!

Not an incredibly exciting post since there aren't any pictures. I need to have Abby model her finished pair of socks and maybe have Val model the one completed one!