Thursday, January 28, 2010

Lots of nothing..without pictures

Well not nothing, just no pictures of knitting! I've started knitting a plain jane SS sock at home for the girls. I'm on Abby's second pair. She had the nerve to come downstairs and ask if I'd knit her more socks. I looked right at her and said, 'I'm knitting you one right now, remember?' Apparently I do NOT knit fast enough.

This past Tuesday the hubby had ACL surgery on his left leg. (He had the right one replaced in 01) I took Tuesday off and hung out with him at the surgery center. ACL is out patient surgery, so we were there at 6:15 am and home by 11:30. It'd ridiculous how you are treated at those places. The staff is nice enough but you are on a ticking clock. Hubby is notoriously intolerant of narcotics, so he never comes out of anesthesia very well. Apparently he was to be out of that place by 11 and they pretty much dumped him in my car at 11:10, irritated with us that we weren't moving faster. Ugh. Don't get me started on Medical Care/Insurance. Just DON'T.

School is going well. Had my first test today in my New Testament class. Pretty sure I did ok on it. But the exciting news is my Biology Senior Research Project. Whoot! I'm so excited and hate to jinx it. So suffice it to say it looks like some bats are in my future. :)