Thursday, September 14, 2006

Homework Done!

My kitty snuggled up with some Helio!

Yay! Homework is finished..or I should say, knit. I still need to get out my sewing machine and stitch around the steeks. The large piece square piece is a swatch to learn how to put a zipper in a neck. Should be a fun class! Will let you know how it goes.

Now I'm onto the my first real attempt at designing. I want to make a felted plaid messenger bag. I've made a swatch and also poked around online to find info on how Lamb's Pride worsted felts. So we'll see how I fare!

I have to admit I'm not sure I want to be working on this. I checked out a bunch of knitting books and really want to try out a bunch of things. Knitting On the Edge is amazing and I've so many amazing things in my stash. I keep focused on one project because I know that if I have more than one thing really going on the needles, I never finish anything!