Sunday, September 10, 2006

Wisconsin Sheep & Wool Festival

Wow. The fibers were amazing, I just wish more of the Yarn Market had been open. The website didn't mention that the Market didn't 'officially' open until 5 pm that night. Ugh! I actually had a gorgeous Lantern Moon basket in my hand I was going to buy and the poor woman couldn't sell it to me because she didn't have money yet!

But I did manage to get some goodies and I saw tons of stuff. Including border collies at work. Way cool. If I hadn't been with my 2 year old daughter, I'd have stayed all day to watch. They really are amazing. Some of the rovings I saw made me think about spinning. Someday I want to dye my own yarn and I might as well try to spin a bit.

Ok, here's the tour!

There was a booth full of beautiful mohair. I'm going to do lace eventually. So much yarn, so little knitting time!
Some beautiful hand dyed yarn.

Now onto what I purchased. This is some amazing handpainted fingering Alpaca. I might do some sort of lace type shawl, or I could carry it with some filament and make socks with it. I love the colors!

Then I got this amazing Mohair, Silk and Wool Blend. Again, I've not idea what I'm going to knit with it, but goodness my stash is a happier place with it!

I had a good time and hope that next year I'll have more time, more money and a project in mind!