Friday, September 1, 2006


That's my child knitting a mitten. I, by the way, have never made a mitten, but my six year old is all over it. We found a very neat book at our LYS and well, I can never say no to a book let alone a Knitting book. We bought it, the appropriate yarn and needles. As soon as we were home she had me show her how to cast on and she was off!

Here's a link to the book, Sunny's Mittens by Robin Hansen. It's cute and the knitting is bang on.

I bought some more yarn to restart my Homework and it's look much better. I really think it has to do with watching Abby knot. She's having so much fun working on something other than a scarf.

I knit too far into the evening while watching Andre play. It's was enough to make me ill. I love him, have watched him his whole career and don't think I can stand to watch him retire!

But this is where I am today.

Much better. I ended up going down a size in my needles and the silly gauge is a bit smaller than called for. Ugh! But the tension is better and more even. I'm also throwing rather than picking. Picking seems to be a bit faster and is easier on my wrists, but my tension isn't consistent. Live and learn!