Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Jaywalkers and Ravelry!

Two great things.

I gave up on the whole Grasshopper thing with the Wild Tide. I tried the Embossed Leaves and had zero luck with that.

Ah but I've found the pattern to match the yarn!

Then there is the lovely thing that is Ravelry.

OMG. I'm in love! I got my invite and it's really all that and a bag of chips. It's an online community for fiber freaks..I mean enthusiasts! It's small and grower, costs nothing and is run by advertisements. If you want to join, oh and I know you DO, go to the site and sign up for an invite. It took about 2 weeks for mine. The creators are really nice, so if it takes awhile, try to be patient!

It allows you to list your FOs, WIPs, your Queue, your stash all linked into various databases. There are discussion boards, ways to link your blog entries to the aforementioned. Seriously, it's an online knitter/crocheter/spinners dream.

If you join, look me up! I'm KnittyLynn.

Whew. Ok. I'm done. ;)