Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Socks Socks Socks

My first Jaywalker is done! Whoot! I don't have a completed picture of it, but this is the latest I do have.

I am in the process of finishing the DH's first sock. It will be grafted by tonight.

So my eye is wandering..where to next. It's not like I have to make mates for these socks, right? Seriously though I'm having some sock burn out, need to toss something else into the mix. Let's just ignore that I ordered 3 skeins of STR last week. :D I had to use the Destash Coupon they gave to Rockin Sock Club Members, right? Right. I knew you'd understand.

My local Guild, which I adore, is holding a mitten contest in July. We have a few members who have been State Fair Judges in the past and they'll pick the winners in different categories. One is gloves, thank goodness, because I really hate wearing mittens. Something about all my fingers mushed together...we all have issues. Anyhoo, the winners get..well fiber of course. Anyway, this is what I've been stewing over.

Here is what I have to play with.

Various shades of Dalegarn Heilo. I think I've narrowed it down to this pattern.

It's by Nancy Bush and is actually written for Heilo, so there'd be no futzing with gauge, etc. I'm not decided on which color will go where, but I'm excited I found this.

Off to finish the DH's sock and ponder what colors for these gloves!