Monday, March 17, 2008

More goodies..

I have more things to share! Sorry it took awhile, we went to the Wisconsin Dells for the weekend. I am SO loving this quasi-Spring weather. Look!

THAT my friends is something green, no not the extension cord for the Christmas deer that are still in the yard (they are frozen there), but the other green thing! It's something growing, I'm guessing hyacinth. They come up really early...well for Wisconsin. And also note the snow is receding! Wohoo!

We've also had an addition to the household..well actually 3. This is the first one.

A Wii! My DH got it for his birthday. It is very fun. The other 2 additions are our 'hammies'. We bought 2 Chinese dwarf hamsters for our daughters. Fluffy and Cookie. Cookie bites, but loves to run in the exercise ball, and Fluffy is very gentle. I'm not sure who likes them more, me or the girls! I'll try to get some picts of them to share. They tend to hide and the light has been so horrible recently.

Now on to some crafting!

I bought myself a cross stitch stand. Serious marketing there. I am NOT that old!!

Here it is by my chair. I really love having it, I'm able to stitch faster and longer. No more wrist aches!

This is my current project. It's much further along. I plan on giving it to my Mom for Mother's Day.

I finished my JOY stitching. Now I just need to get the little frames for it. They are roughly 18 bucks a pop, so I'll be getting them over the next few months!

Finally an amazing photo of the Lunar Eclipse on March 3rd that my husband took with our dinky little digital camera. Isn't it amazing! I'm so proud of him. :)

Ok! I think I've finally exhausted all my back logged photos. So off I go to work and make more. :)