Saturday, March 22, 2008


Sorry. This is spring Wisconsin style. 12 inches later.... Ugh. That was yesterday.

This is today. We went sledding, it really was gorgeous.

The kids had a great time and I got to knit a bit while waiting for them in the van. I HATE snow. Seriously. There's now way in hell I'm getting out in it. Thank goodness the DH is from here, so he goes out with them.

I finished my cross stitch. I'm going to give it to my Mom for her birthday. It's really pretty. It's roughly 3x3.

On the knitting front I finished my Jacobean socks from the Sock Knitters Pentathalon.

Jacobean Socks- Julie Persinger
Socks That Rock Mediumweight in Lover's Leap
Needles: size 2
Started: March 3, 2008
Finished: March 18, 2008

One of my goals in life is to find the 'Perfect' knitting bag. And you know what? I think I've come pretty damn close! This is an Eddie Bauer bag I bought at one of their outlets. I can't find it anywhere online to link to it.

I am SO in love. It's the perfect size, zips closed, has exterior and interior pockets and it made from material knitting needles won't pierce. Oh and it's liliac! Whoot. :)

Love love love it and the fact it was only 25 bucks just adds to the joy. :)

Last but not least, by any stretch, are my Embossed Leaves in medium weight STR in the Jade colorway. It's all good!

I've turned the heel and am now onto the foot. I can't wait to wear these! But for now I'm off to dye eggs. Have a wonderful Easter!