Sunday, August 27, 2006

Done! Done!

Alright, button band went well!
It was a bit wonky at first, but once the kids went to bed, it was surprisingly easy. Imagine that.

It took a lot longer finishing it then I thought. Any by finish, I mean after sewing it and putting on the button band, sitting there and figuring out how the hell to hide all those stupid end!! Arg. I finally whip stitched them in onto the hem. I just couldn't get them woven in and not show.

But I finished!
Yay! And I'm pleased with the results and Abby loves it. She also helped with the finishing. She picked the buttons, which are cute, and she helped with some of the seaming. What a knitter in the making!

So I need to move that over to the 'Finished Projects' and I'm already onto my 'Homework' for my Norwegian Construction class.

And, just so you know, that curly thing on the bottom left is my swatch. I swatched and I matched gauge..and yes my swatch is ridiculously wide but silly short. Oh well, at least I DID it, right?

So off I go to work on this. :)