Friday, August 4, 2006

Norway Here I Come!

So I got the 'homework list' in the mail today for the Norweigan Kinitting Class I'm taking in September. Should be entertaining to get it done. It's states it so simply 'Bring fnished tubes to class'. Well what the 'tubes' are, is a small doll sweater, that can be 'plain or knit in a pattern'. It's pretty simplistic directions and then they tell you to sew the steeks in with your sewing machine.


Isn't that why I'm taking the class, so someone can show me how the hell to do that? It also states in the instructions that you can bring your 'tubes' without the steeks sewn in, as there will be a machine at the class, but for speed sake you might want to do it at home.

Needless to say I will NOT be sewing my steeks in at home. I can so totally see myself screwing that up and then taking my homework tubes in and they won't be usable. :P But at least Casey, my DD's American Girl Doll, will be getting a great new sweater. I think I want to do some sort of pattern on it, but haven't decided as of yet.

I currently have 2 projects on the needles..well 3 in ..shit no 4 in progress! *snicker*
1. Abby's sweater. Hopefully to be finished by the beginning of school, which is Sept 5th. I currently have the back and 3/4ths of one of the fronts completed. I still need to do the other front, both sleeves, the hood and then construct the sweater. Will be my first experience with picking up a button band.
2. My SHAWL, not a poncho. ;) I was heading to my LYS to get the yarn to complete it today, but the Stupid Marquette Exchange construction conspired against me. Plus Val was passed out in her car seat, so I opted to be a 'Good Mom' and head home to plunk her on the couch.
3. My Brother's Aran sweater, that I adore, have all the yarn for and really like to knit. I've done the back and one sleeve. So why isn't it completed? Because I'm pissed at him and he doesn't deserve the sweater. Isn't that sweet? Never claimed not to be a bitch. :P So I'll get to it one of these days.
4. I started a blanket that was going to be Aran blocks. I'm not super thrilled with the yarn now or the actual project. I completed one block and have all the yarn for it. (Lion Brand Wool-Ease) So for now it's in the Stash.