Saturday, August 5, 2006

Good yarn day

Yep, it was a ridiculously good yarn day, or a bad budget day ..depending on who's balancing the checkbook!

Kidlets were off with the MIL for a few hours and DH was playing soccer, so I ran to Loop to get my fix. I bought THE most adorable alpaca and have named him 'Fred'..because what else DO you name an alpaca?

I added to my stash.

The pink, purple and cream wool on the left is for the Norwegian Class, then the Lamb's Pride if for a bag I'm going to design (make up as I go) loosely based on this blanket.

We'll see how it goes. I've felted in the past, but never really done something on the fly before. We all have to grow somehow!

I also got the rest of the yarn to finish my shawl. It's a soft, hand-dyed cotton. Gorgeous. I just did a simple yarn-over triangle.

I'm wishing, as usual when I come home with hanks of yarn, that I had a swift and ball winder. I'm going to keep dropping hints to DH so maybe I'll get one for Christmas.

The other night I finally sewed up Claire/Megan/Maggie's!!! sweater. Now I just need to get it to her. I was thinking of wrapping it and putting it in her Baby Basket at our SAHM meeting.

Ok off to wind hanks. Wheeeee!