Wednesday, August 9, 2006

Knitter House Cleaning


So this coming weekend I'm heading off to Stitches with the Greater Milwaukee Knitting Guild (GMKG)..of which I am the newsletter editor. ..and I think the youngest member..but that's besides the point! The point is I'm going to a huge gathering of yarn vendors and I'm trying to have a 'plan'.

What have I done for my 'plan'?

  • I have gone through all my pattern books and flagged things I really want to make.
  • I have inventoried all my needles (40 total sets including DPNs, Circs and Straights)
  • Now I need to inventory my stash.
  • And I need to make a list of yarns needed for the things I want to make.
  • Go online to see price of yarns.
  • Go online and see average price of needles.

I figure I'll spend maybe 100-150 bucks. I just want to be focused! I get around yarn and my brain goes elsewhere! I just wander around in a lust induced haze, petting everything! Sounds so obscene! Plus I want to get deals, so if you don't know how much it normally costs, you don't get deals.

Focus and breathe. Those are my attempts at a defense!

I went to the GMKG meeting last night. It was ok. The program was about computer pattern makers. *shrug* Nothing that exciting. I mean, it's cool, but they seem ridiculously expensive. ($90). Yes, fine, it is flexible and you can totally create a sweater just for these precise measurements...but for a SAHM on a tight budget I'd rather buy yarn with that $90 and find a free pattern in a library or online!

Now off to dig through the stash and create another excel spreadsheet. Yep, that's how I did my needles..geek me. :)