Monday, March 19, 2007

Knit On Babeeee!

Oh ya. Oh ya.

The wrist resting/ibuprofin/wrist brace did the job and here's the result. And I'll throw instead of pick for now.

Rockin' Socky goodness #1. I do wish I'd gone 1/2 a repeat further, on the cuff, but I know I'll have enough for the second. Unlike others that like to wind their hank into 2 cakes, I'm lazy and just wing it.

I'm really into the cables. The rib is ok, feels very good on, is boring to knit..but the cables are neat. I did the toe and heel on 1's, foot on 0's and cables/cuff on 2's. I also moved to an Addi Turbo and Magic Looped the cuff. I honestly felt like I was wrestling a porcupine when trying to cable at first. Moved to the Magic Loop and all was well. I'm glad I've got an arsenal of sock techniques!

Anyway I hate SSS, so I immediately cast on for the 2nd sock. :)

I use this crochet provisional cast on. The link is to a great video. It's SO much easier to do it this way (crocheting around the knitting needle) rather than crocheting a chain and picking up in the back of the loop. It essentially eliminates a step. Too cool.

I don't think I'll ever make this particular sock pattern again, but I do love watching the short rows do their magic. The toe and heel really make you feel clever, even if all you are doing is following directions!

For those that are curious, the yarn used for the cast on is STR Mediumweight in Cove Light. It's dark and cool.