Thursday, March 15, 2007

This Sucks

No other way about it. I don't let my kids use that word. It's not nice, you know.
But I honestly can think of no other way to say this.


My wrist hurts and hurts bad. So I've put my knitting projects in the closet, because if I see them I pick them up. I've been knitting for almost 3 years and have never ever had my wrist hurt like this. I have to attribute it to knitting mass amounts of SS continental style. Now my left wrist is killing me. Wheee.

I've got a partial Rockin Sock Club sock staring at me and a lovely baby sweater, as well as a bag full of yarn to make a knit Hedwig. And me, not knitting. So what have I been doing? Reading knitting blogs, books and listening to knitting podcasts as well as stalking hand painted yarns across the internet. (YAY EUNNY!!)

Pathetic, I tell you.

No more knitting for an entire week in hopes that this gets better. And from now on I'm a 'throwin mama' unless I'm doing 2 handed fair-isle.

OH! That reminds me, C and I are going to Stitches Midwest! Dude! I'm taking 2 classes, Russian Style Continental (which will hopefully end this wrist problems) and a Finishing Class. It's this August and should be beyond fun. :)

So all of you enjoy your knitting for me!