Saturday, March 3, 2007

Ugly day gets better! STR SPOILER!

*Move along if you want your Rockin Sock Club Shipment to be a surprise* :)

The day started out like this. And I am SO sick of snow. For those that don't know, I grew up in the southwest, Las Vegas to be exact. We had a pool in the backyard that we used about 8 months out of the year. I love the sun. The warmth. 115 degrees? who cares it's a dry heat! And here I am in the tundra.

Anyway as mentioned in the title, this day gets better. MUCH better!

This was on my doorstep that afternoon! Yahooo! My Socks That Rock Club mailing. This definately made my day a bit brighter!!

I was so good and called C before opening it. I wanted to see if hers had come. I really was going to wait till she got hers, but she told me to go ahead. So I did! Here is the loveliness that spilled out of it.

In it was the binder for the year with the current pattern in it. A small keychain of yarn, which says 'Emergency Sock Yarn - Don't leave home without it!', a sticker, a button, a coupon, a flyer for their camp/retreat and then a hank of Monsoon. It's lovely. Blue Moon never fails to come through. Their yarn is so soft and beautiful.

The pattern is clever and fun. A toe up one with the advantage of being reversible.

More Yarn Porn.

Of course I had to cast on. It wasn't an option really, though I did pause and actually did a gauge swatch.
And see, I made it! Whoohoo.

And after the gauge comes the pattern.
(Excuse the flash )

Love the toe. It's short rows, which I've never done. Too cool.
Gotta go knit!