Friday, March 16, 2007

Yarn Porn/Eye Candy

No knitting means I have to entertain myself somehow!

This is my own kool-aid (black cherry, pink lemonade, Berry Blue) dyed yarn from KnitPicks. C at The Woman Who Says 'Knit' blogged about our dying night. It was a ton of fun, if a bit stinky. :) It looked funny before it was caked, but now I really like it. I'm not sure what I'm going to make with it. It's 100% Wool in worsted. I figured I could felt up something..or..who knows. For now I just love looking at it.

I have a whole basket full of yummy sock yarn goodness just waiting for my wrist to heal. There's some Lorna's Laces, Trekking XXL, Bernat Sox, Katia Mississippi 3 and Socks That Rock. Is it any wonder I'm going crazy?

I have this lovely group of Cascade to make a spring bucket bag. The colors just make me smile. Speaking of yarns that make me's some Dale Baby Ul I have. I was going to make a sweater out of it, but that didn't happen. Someday I'll get to it.

How do you store you needles? I keep my straights in a basket and a vase.

And my circs in a Knitters bag and a tote bag. I can't believe how many I have. I also have a card in my wallet with all of my needles listed. It's a cute card provided by one of my LYS. It's really handy to have since I always use my 40% off JoAnn and Michael cards to pick up ones I don't have.

Now you see what I'm surrounded by on a daily basis! Heal wrist, heal!