Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Insomnia is your friend?

Insomnia can's amazing how much I got done late last night while the rest of the family slept. I cleared the Tivo of 3 hours of stuff (Numb3rs, Law & Order:SVU, Without a Trace), finished listening to a Librivox recording of Middle Temple Murder by J.S. Fletcher, finished the Monkeys for my Mom AND blocked the sleeves of my Perfect Sweater.

How terrifying is that?

Oh and I slept 2 hours.

I can't believe I'm still standing, and hope to be fast asleep in an hour or so. (haha)

Mom's Monkeys came out ok. They were SO close to matching, but my tension on the 2nd heel flap was a tad looser, so I ended up with more dark orange on the toe than the first. Stuff happens. :)

Hopefully I'll have 2 more FOs in a day or so. I need to deliver the baby knit and I should be done with the Perfect Sweater. Yay!