Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Licking My Wounds...

I love to knit.
It just doesn't always love me..
Abby's sweater...damn...it was moving along well, so I thought!!
That's a picture of it when I connected sleeves to body, I knit about 5 inches into the yoke, had her try it on....and freaking ouch. The damn sleeves are too tight..it's all been yanked back, yarns reballed and two sleeves and the body jammed into a basket until after Christmas. I just can't face it and knitting is supposed to be fun. :)

So I worked on my Mom's jaywalkers on cold meds. Stupid is as stupid does. Yep had to tink back over 6 rows. It's in a baggie on top of the sweater in the basket. :)

I'm licking my wounds with some 'easy' knitting which I can't seem to get my mind around. It's ridiculous, I keep having to look at the pattern. Heh.

Hopefully this crappy sinus stuff will go away and I'll be back on the (knitting) ball again