Sunday, November 25, 2007

Missed TurkeyDay..

It's very odd to be sick on Thanksgiving. I managed to get the kids and husband up and dressed and EVEN did that same. We went to his Aunt's house and I thought I was going to die. So after 2 hours of chitchat I did that fade to black thing. I haven't decided if it's allergies or a cold. It started on a day we got a nasty front and it's still up in my sinuses (TMI I'm sure).

I got up today, after being up with my projectile vomiting 3 year old. (TMI again, and she doesn't have allergies...) So it's been a rough holiday weekend here in mi casa. I feel all akilter, kinda like you can't have two if you don't have one you can't have Christmas if you don't have Thanksgiving first!

Family doesn't seem to agree with me on that, so with dripping nose and achy head we put the Fall decorations away and put the tree up (no ornaments as of yet) along with a spattering of other things. The hubby and eldest put up our yard decorations. I just looked at him and said 'I don't care, just get it done'. Hehe. He could tell I felt like crap. I don't think I'm going to decorate to my normal all..maybe it will just build to a slow peak over the month!

I did some Black Friday shopping despite being sick. I really wanted a new iron since I ruined the last one when I made A's witch costume. It had glitter in the fabric and stuck to the iron bottom, plus I've always wanted a Rowenta. I sucked up and tottered off to JoAnn's and boo his they didn't have one. I'm not too bummed because if they had had one I would have had to join the queue from hell!

I came home, looked on JoAnn's website, ordered for the doorbuster price and no S/H! Whoot. There I feel good.

How were your Turkeydays? Well I hope. I'm really looking forward to this Christmas because our 900 ft addition (attic conversion) will FINALLY be done and my Mom is coming to spend 10 days with us. I'm sort of excited, but won't be until it's alllllll done. I think all the trim is in now and we are just at the paint, carpet, and finish electrical (put the sockets in, the wires are there).
I'm going to have a stroke or a whole bottle of champagne the day that thing is done.!!

Hope all is well with you guys. I did major unknitting this holiday. Abby's yoke sweater was about 1 from being done on the neck and I had her try it on. It just doesn't fit. The sleeves/armpit area are too tight. The only way to make those bigger, it so rip back to the three tubes. Whee. Whee...not. I also screwed up on my mom's Jaywalkers and had to rip out about an 1 of those. I shouldn't try to knit when I'm sick!!