Thursday, November 22, 2007

Why am I not surprised??

Hubris, which has been mentioned far more than I'd like in this blog, rears it's head again.
Things were good.
Now they are bad and I'm ignoring it. Literally. It's in a wad 0n the floor next to my chair.

The Yoke sweater was going well. The arms and body were connected, colorwork was planned and begun and knit knit knit. I'm about 2 inches shy of finishing, but I could feel it in my gut the darn things wasn't going to fit right. I put all the stitches onto a cotton strand and had my daughter try it on. The arms in the shoulder area are tight. The area before the colorwork and right after you join body and arms. UGH.

What does that mean? All the colorwork needs to go bye bye and I need to unjoin the body/arms to expand the top of both.

It's doable and I want a sweater my daughter will wear, so I'll get around to it, but DAMN it irks the hell out of me!! :D

So mom's jaywalker for Christmas is chugging along quickly..which is good...right???