Monday, June 18, 2007


Am I the only one who just can't knit in the heat? I have no urge to knit at all. I think part of it is because of the cyst/mass/thing .I'm also rereading all the Harry Potters to get boned up for the release of the last one in July.

I tried to cast on a simple SS sock in a great cotton yarn. Katia's mississippi 3. It's a pretty colorway and everything..but nope, I did my swatch, got my gauge, began to cast on and didn't even join it it the round. How pathetic!!

The gloves are languishing at the moment since the heat also seems to have sucked my attention span right out of me too. Fingers are next and I have a feeling I need to be alert for those.

Oh well! Summer is far far far too short in my neck of the woods (Wisconsin) so I guess I'm taking a bit of a knitting break.