Sunday, November 26, 2006

Bad Blogger..bad blogger

Meaning myself, not 'The Blogger Site', just to clarify.

I'm working on my 'Perfect Sweater'. The back is done and the front caston. What is it with people like Wendy?? In her latest entry she said she Spun some this weekend, AND knit a front and back of a sweater. Aiieeee! Come on folks. If you honestly knit that fast Don't TELL the rest of us!!! *grin*

I'll try to put a picture up in the next day or so. :)

Happy Thanksgiving, hope you all had fun and spent time with loved ones.

Squirrel Update. He is still around and doing SO much better. He can even situp and eat like a normal squirrel with only a little bit of a shiver. But no flopping over! Yaya!