Thursday, November 16, 2006


So I was browsing blogs, and then glanced at my own. Not much knitting content lately! Shame on me. Granted my camera was AWOL for a bit and then I've been flat out lazy. So onto an FO and work in progress!

Kitty Pi
What a fun, easy knit! The increases are easy and I used the Stripe Generator that Flatlander mentioned. Pretty cool toy. I doubled Cascade 220 and used size 11 needles.
Here it is in the beginning.

Finished, pre-felting.

Loki giving it a test drive.

I have this great insert for my dryer. You can lay things on it and it is exposed to the heat but doesn't tumble. Awesome for felting!

The finished product! Loki has slept in it all day and it's still a tad damp. Think I might put it back in the dryer again to warm it up.

Now that the bed's an FO, I moved onto my sweater. It's the 'Perfect Sweater' from Mason-Dixon.
You use a crochet provisional cast on, which is always interesting. The red is the cast on. This is the hem of the back.

Here is the completed two color picot edging. The yarn is Cascade 220, The Heathers. One is a denim color and the other lovely sagey kinda thing. The green is the main color.

And now onto the boring SS forEVER. But darn it, I want this sweater. I might throw a stripe into it, just to insure I don't go comatose!!

Finally I have a photo of the odd squirrel in my front yard. I've observed him 'tipping over' for about a week now. He seems fine otherwise, he just well...tilts. His fur is great, he is pleasantly plump being one of the largest squirrels in the area. I gave him some peanuts today and snapped this shot.

I promise you from the bottom of my heart, this squirrel is not dead. :) He layed there on his side gnawing on the peanut. Eventually he got up and scampered up the tree. I called the Humane Society and they don't believe it's rabies or distemper, more likely he fell and bonked his head and has a concussion. He is showing improvement and if he starts to decline I can get a live trap from them and take him in. But for now he's just..well tottering.
I hate to admit it, but it's pretty damn entertaining.