Wednesday, November 29, 2006


The back of my 'Perfect Sweater'

I have been spanked. And it hurts. Ugh.
I cast on the front of the 'Perfect Sweater' and chugged on for about 5 inches, started my decrease and realized I had cast on 10 stitches short. I misread my freaking pattern.
So I frogged and cursed. (do those always come together?)
And then I went blog surfing and saw this on Moth Heaven's site. My goodness it's like we are a 'Hive Mind' or something!
Bless her, she said it perfectly. Now I'm going to hunt around for a small project to do with stash yarn.
You should never rip and begin in the same session because it leaves a bruise, and it takes longer to heal than if you just take the hit and walk away.
So don't mind me as I go hide in the corner and lick my wounds. I WILL finish this sweater, I'm just taking a small vaca from it first!