Monday, January 8, 2007

Knit On

Yay the bag is in the felting process. As of this moment it's draped over a bucket and drying. Should be ready for grommets in a day or two. No huge rush since the exchange isn't until February.

Here's a shot of it outside to try and get the right colors.

And then a shot of it completely knit up.

That's my 'attempt' at random stripes. How hysterical is that? I didn't realize the 2 red stripes were exactly the same until I'd started on the next purple/blue one. Doh. Oh well. I did an I-Cord strap, but I think it's too tiny. It's 6 stitches and I think I should have done 8 or 10. We'll see what the final item looks like. I might cut off this handle and get some canvas webbing to make a real strap.

Now that the bag is done, I had to move on. I had plenty of things in my stash to choose from, but before that happened, C called. There was a huge sale at one of our LYS. It's all HER fault. (So nice to have someone else to blame for a change.) But sock yarns don't count, right? I know I've heard that somewhere. Anyway here's the sock haul.

I want to do a pair of Jaywalkers and a pair of Monkeys for sure, then I'll make the kidlets a few pairs too. Anyway I went for the monkeys and cast on with yet another of my sock yarns. Austermann's Step with Aloe Vera and Jojoba Oil in colorway 13 or holz (wood). It's very soft and I hear it makes your hands nice while working with it.

The pattern is simple to follow and as always I adore my Crystal Palace DPNs (size 2). There's something about them. They are more sturdy than Clovers but not cold like metal. I tend to hold metal too tightly and end up hurting my hands. These flex slightly and have a good point. My fav needles, but not all that easy to find.

Anyway will let you know how the Bucket bag comes out!