Tuesday, January 2, 2007

New Year!

Well the holidays are over, the tree is down and the presents all unwrapped. Whoo. It was fun but it was hectic as usual. I had houseguests and wasn't able to knit much, but as of tomorrow everyone is back to their usual place (school, work, etc) and hopefully I'll be able to knit again.

For Christmas I knit one scarf instead of 13 like I did last year. This one FELT like it was 13, since it was the Harry Potter Gryffindor House Scarf. It was SO much ST ST! But the hubby was the very happy recipient. I still have to do 1/2 the fringe, but since the temps are hovering around 40 degrees, there doesn't seem to be a huge rush!

The current project is another Felted Bucket Bag. My local Knitting Guild is doing a Brown Bag swap. Very cool. Everyone brings in one skein, they are swapped anonymously, the recipient knits anything with the skein and returns it to the owner at a specified date. Feb in this case. The person I'm knitting for had put in a GORGEOUS skein of Mountain Colors 4/8's wool. The colorway is :FLATHEAD CHERRY Deep Reds, Rose, Purples with a splash of Teal Green.

It is so lovely. I'm terrified they won't like what I knit, but what the heck. I'm using 2 colors of complimentary Cascade to make it stretch into a good sized bag. (One of the options - add yarn if you'd like to the single skein)

Anyway here it is in progress! This is the bottom of the bag. I'll use the remainder of the Mountain Colors yarn to edge the top. It will be like my previous Felted Bucket Bag, only with 3 total colors.

Here's a shot from the top.

I've seen lots of folks doing lists etc for the upcoming year. I really only have one thought. Be healthy. Mentally, physically and emotionally. Gee, that's all. Heh. I figure it's enough!

I love the thought of knitting only from your stash from Wendy. But the thought terrifies me. Maybe next year???

I'm signing up for the Socks That Rock Club (thanks C!) and can't wait for it to start. I adore my previous pair and am afraid I'm going to wear them out. They fit perfectly. I've made a handful of socks before, but they never seemed to fit just right. The heel was too long, or the body of the sock too saggy. This pair is PERFECT. Now I just need to make 15 more. ;)