Friday, January 26, 2007

Monkey Continues..

Quick question, does anyone know how to RESPOND to comments?? They get emailed to me and the are from ''?? So how do you respond? Help! :)
Now on to Knitting..

Yes the Monkeys go on and on and..

You get the point. I've no idea what is different with my mindset while I knit the second sock, but I have mucked up the pattern repeatedly. As in having to frog completely, frog to the rib, frog back one lace repeat (2 times). What the hell??? The first go around was so lovely and easy and gratifiying. This is the ultimate SSS (second sock syndrome) I guess.

I was listening to one of the many podcasts I've subscribed to. I think this one was the Knitting News Cast. And I finally GOT something. Something I'd never understood before because I'd never knit lace so I hadn't wrapped my mind around it.

Life Lines.

Doh. With Monkey I SO get it. You thread a piece of yarn through a row of stitches that you could rip back to if you had to and knit on. Then if you do bif, you don't have to yank it back to the beginning, only back to say the start of the last repeat. That's why I've been having problems with Monkey, I blow the repeat and then trying to frog only a small amount of fingering yarn in a quasi-lace pattern (uses decreases and yo's and 2 yo's) forget it. Just go buy a damn pair of socks. Ugh. At least I wish I could, but damn it I will NOT be beaten by yarn!

Here's my ad for podcasts, which is cool since the Yarn Harlot was mentioning them too. You don't have to have an ipod. You can listen to them on your computer. Great stuff for the mind while you knit!! Anyway here are the ones I currently listen to.

Ready, Set, Knit!
This is the WEBS Yarnstore Podcast. Lots of good info on the yarn industry and trends.

Knitting News Cast
Great Tips and Up to date News

Nice relaxing

And then because I'm a geek.

MuggleCast Newscast
Podcase about Harry Potter.

I bought myself yet another little yarn toy. Yarn bras. I had seen a friend with one over a year ago and thought 'Ooooh must get'. Well I did and have to admit I'm disappointed. They really only cover skeins, not hanks that have been put into a pancake. So I'm irritated. They will most likely work for sock yarn. I have the Monkey yarn in it right now. Oh well, it was only $4 for 4 of them.

I searched online for alternatives and found there is a pattern for one in Lily Chin's Urban Knitter but I have no idea what it looks like! Anyone know? Or have other suggestions? I really dislike using Ziplock bags. Don't know why, but I do..maybe it's because I like to be a able to touch the yarn or something and the plastic bugs me. Regardless, those are out for me, but I'd like something to help keep the outside wound. A rubber band would be too tough on the yarn... hmmm..ideas?

I had a comment asking about the color of Malabrigo. Sorry about leaving that out! I have Verdeazul, color 86, it's one of the last colors on the page. I can't find it at the Malabrigo site so I'm guessing they no longer make it. It's amazing from navy to teal...beautiful stuff.