Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Where do you keep your stash?

I used to keep my stash in the basement in a bin, but no more!

After reading various blogs about taking their stash in hand during 07 and seeing C get shelves for hers, I decided to visit and commune with my stash.

I dug out an old stacking storage unit my husband used in college, from the basement, tossed it in the shower and washed it off with Mr Clean, then my 3 year old helped me dry it off. I found a home for it and proceeded to empty my closet and then my stash bin onto it.

But, imagine this, it's not big enough. So I added 2 baskets as well. I gave up on fitting a sweater WIP on it and slipped that back into the closet. So here it is, in all my glory and guilt.

The basket on the floor is all sock yarns, the basket on the top is all cotton, 1st shelf is wool/wool blends but no superwash, 2nd has some malabrigo, Dale Baby Ull and misc, 3rd shelf has some Lana Grossa my MIL bought for me in Germany as well as some alpaca and a cashmere/wool/silk blend purchased at a Wool Festival, and finally the bottom shelf is varous superwash wool (Wool-Ease mainly) and the sweater kit I bought for myself at Stitches.

Here is the Sweater WIP that has hung out on my needles for over 1/2 a year. I'm just not, well I'm not sure the intended recipient is the right one. (don't ask)

Love the sweater and love the yarn. I have the back and one sleeve done. It's from the Best of Knitters Aran and Celtics. A great book. I'll get back to it some day, I'm sure.

I'm very glad I have my yarn out where I can see it. I'm going to do my best to diminish the stash this year. I personally think it's silly to own so much goodness and not do anything with it. Unlike my husband, I am not a horder, I'm the de-clutterer of the family. It's almost like I can feel the pressure of the yarn waiting to be knit into something lovely. *shrug* Then my husband walks by and says, 'That's not too much'.

Ok onto the current 1/2 an FO. My first Monkey! Again, this pattern is wonderful, though I'm not completely in love with the Austermann Step. I think I like my sock yarn more dense, like STR and Lorna's Laces. THis has more loft.

I did softly block with steam, no pressure and it really helped the pattern relax. I think it looks much better. Here's the before shot. I'm much happier with the after. (above)
The sock is very comfortable. I did the eye of the partridge heel flap and used the Anatomical Toe from the Blue Moon Fiber Pattern.

So now I need to go cast on the right sock!