Monday, January 22, 2007

Knitty Update

So my birthday is in Feb and my great Mom bought me one of my long lusted after toys! A ball winder! Woohooo. I now have the pair. A swift and a winder, life is great. Of course I had to break it in with something worthy!

Sorry about the bad the photo/camera/user error !

Yum, absolute yum. And in a cake!! Woohoo! I'm also thrilled I managed to get a deal on my swfit and winder. I bought the winder from Jo-Ann's online for $30 with S&H and then the Royal Ball Winder for $36 at a local LYS. Gotta love supporting your local business people!!

(again sorry for the cruddy night fake light)
I started working on the 2nd Monkey only to wipe out horribly. I was chugging along, watching 24 (my major mistake) and didn't even make it through the 1st pattern repeat before having to frog back to the rib. Then my eye fell on the nicely caked Malabrigo which I knew I wanted to make into a Shifting Sands scarf. Didn't have a pair of 9 needles. Can you imagine?? There are actually a pair of needles I do NOT own. So off I zoomed to Jo-Ann's to grab some with a 40% coupon.

While I was there, I saw that Fun Fur was marked down to $1 (ah the fast fall of the novelty yarn). I grabbed 2 balls to do a bit of charity knitting. Chemo caps for Children's in Boston. Knitters Unite!

I gave Shifting Sands a shot, and wasn't even remotely focused enough and ended up frogging it 3 times. Ugh. I bounced to the Fun Fur and it's working out. 1 hat down.

Back to Monkey number 2 again for now.