Sunday, February 18, 2007

Birthday and a Sweater..

Happy Birthday to me, well it was on the 16th, but here' s pict of my haul. I got an iDog and nintendogs. See a pattern? :) We are currently a dogless house, but someday we'll have one if not two. I just refuse to housetrain and pottytrain at the same time.

Please note the guilt worked!! That would be the front of the Perfect Sweater. I'm almost to the armholes and v-neck. One of my stumbling blocks was the bust. I'm a busty gal. It's life but I knew I needed to figure out short-rows and make darts. I found an amazing website, don't you love how knitters share? It's the Knitting Fiend and she has so many useful patterns/engines/hints.

I've been pretty monogamous with the Perfect Sweater, now that I completed the darts. It will be interesting to see how the V-neck turns out. The problem is my wrists start to ache if I do SS too much. I've completely switched over to Continental/picking and my tension is good. I enjoy the motion more than English/throwing which I think might be an echo of learning crochet first, when I was in 2nd grade. Anyway, Shifting Sands gets a few repeats done every now and again. I love the yarn, but it's hard to photograph up close because it does have a bit of a halo.

This week should be fun. My S&B group is doing Kool-Aid dying! Whooohoo. It should be a really good time and I'll make sure to take some good pictures.