Friday, February 23, 2007

In Theory...

Yes, in theory this sounds like a good idea. Knit both sleeves at the same time...and so far it's turning out to be.

Anyone have any experience otherwise? My circs are long, 32 or something, so I'm pretty sure I should have plenty of room. And this way 'Sleeve Island' won't be as long a stay. Granted I have to stitch it all up. But the front is done as is the back! Yay!
I highly doubt I will get to wear this sweater this year since it is 100% wool. By the time it is finished/blocked it will no doubt be spring. I will fold it up nicely and put it away for next year. Trust me, there will be no complaining. I'm sick of winter. What is it with February? Ugh. We are supposed to get at least 6" of snow this weekend. YUCK. I grew up in the southwest and am having daydreams of 100 degree weather.

Next up on the radar will be the STR Club. They promise they are shipping next week! Woohoo!