Wednesday, February 14, 2007

V-Day, Some Knitting and a Decision

Happy Valentine's Day!

Some folks seem to want to tear Valentine's Day down, blaming Hallmark and commercialism for berating singledom or some such.

Sorry but I'm not in that camp. I love Valentine's Day. I feel it's actually more for children than for adults which might be why it doesn't upset me.. Valentine's morning was always fun in my house growing up, and I'm continuing the tradition. There are cards, chocolate and a small gift for everyone. Today my girls both received these adorable pop up/playhouse/paper doll books I'd purchased last month at Borders. They were only $7.99. Both the girls seem to love them, and if they don't, I'll play with them after they go to bed!

This is why I didn't have any knitting photos the other day..
I'm thinking that I should take that flag down now. I feel I just might be tempting fate a bit.
But thank goodness the sun actually came out today!
So here are the obligatory shots.

The completed Chemo Caps that will be mailed off to Kate in the next few days.

The Humane Society Cat Blanket, made from Wool-Ease.

Shifting Sands, growing along.

Now onto the decison. Have you SEEN
all the gorgeous cabling going on around the net? Cromarty at Wendy's site is amazing and has me thinking feeling the need to cable. I just need to figure out what I want to make. I've whitled it down to 4 choices, all gorgeous.

Which do you think?