Monday, February 12, 2007

Knitting and Knits

On the knitting front here the Shifting Sands is longer, and needs to be MUCH longer. I knit a 12x12 basketweave blanket to give to our local humane society. It will be a blanket for a cat. I think that's cool. Also I knit another Chemo Cap, this time in Pink and Purple.
And NO pictures of any of it. Don't you LOVE cloudy days? *grrr* Stupid snow.

I'm waiting for my Socks That Rock Club stuff. I called and they won't be mailing it out until the last week of February. Again, *grrr*. I do understand they had to be set back slightly due to the stupid Bank Snafu, (Read about it here if somehow you've never heard about it!) but I want my socks!

Speaking of socks, do you want knee high enterlac socks with tassels??

I so DO! Eunny is an amazing designer and I'm going to have to try these. I'm not sure if I'll do knee high..but then again why the hell not! Koigu has a ton of amazing colors to choose from, I'm not sure which way to go. Thinking maybe yellow and orange..hmm..

Other than that I didn't see much in the Spring Interweave Knits. Normally I think they have some good designs, this just seemed light on them.

The Bonsai Tunic is kinda cute, maybe I'd make it.

Of course Grumperina's socks are a given! Again, as noted prior, this girl can really design! I can't believe she's only been knitting for 2 years. That's so unfair!

Now THIS on the other hand will not be hopping off the needles anytime soon!