Monday, April 9, 2007

An Amazing FO & Progress

*sorry for the gloomy photos, it's been yucky gray weather*

I've mentioned this is in the past, but I'm a mom, so bear with me. I taught my 6 year old daughter to knit when she asked me. I was honestly afraid to teach her because I didn't want to turn her off of the craft if it was too difficult. Silly me. Here is my daughter's FIRST Finished Object.

I could pop. Absolutely pop with pride. These were knit IN THE ROUND folks, on DPNs. I actually took her to one of my Guild meetings and she sat there knitting along while 60+ year old women gaped at her. I cast them on and I helped with picking up the thumbs. She did all the knitting AND she purled the single row. They were knit on size 13 DPNs in a bulky 100% yarn, not sure what brand. Anyway they are going to be felted soon and I'll pop up another photo then.
The pattern comes from the book Sunny's Mittens by Robin Hansen, which Abby and I both highly recommend.

Here's a photo of Abby and Valerie in their Easter finery. It's so fun to shop for little girls, btw...

Even while hopped up on chocolate and candy, I've managed to make some progress on two items. Here is the hubby's sock. I turned the heel at our family Easter gathering, and needless to say I had to frog it. Turning a heel does require a tad bit concentration. Ooops.

Still loving the Trekking. It's so soft and doesn't split, two of my favorite things.

I've also worked on baby Jack's sweater. I need to pick up the collar and button band, then sew the underarm seam. Hoping to be done with that in the upcoming week so I can send it off. I knit it in the 6 month size and he just turned 12 weeks, so all should be good.

Hope you all had a good Easter! I'm trying to keep my two girls from killing each other. Gotta love Spring Break!